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Training with care for yourself and your health

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Consequences of using the appaling training techniques could be scary.

  • Imbalance in the development of physical indicators

  • Omission of the muscles due to an increase in their volume and underdevelopment of the core muscles

  • Development of body disproportions

  • Increased stress on joints and ligaments

  • The formation of an unhealthy load distribution on the body during movement and walking

  • In the long term - the development of posture disorders and even diseases of the musculoskeletal system

  • Muscles that are overstretched will appear lax instead of toned and can cause instability issues within a joint.

  • etc...

We believe that a holistic approach is needed to get results, so we pay a lot of attention to various aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Here's what you get in our studio.

  1. A well-designed set of exercises that matches your level of preparation, tasks and type of training. Do your workouts consistently and diligently, then you will definitely reach your goal.

  2. Toned body

  3. Endurance and energy

  4. Support all the way and much more...

Small Group Personilised Training

It breaks my heart hearing those stories, about the appaling training mistakes. The worst part is - it is not even the professional sport we are talking about. Just regular training.

Here at Stretch Base we offer small groups or one-on-one approach with highly qualified trainers. Making sure you do your exercises correctly and properly and your form is second to none!

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