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Stretch Base FAQ

  • How do I get to your studio?
    We are located right next to Westfields Eastgardens in the new Meriton complex. The exact address is Shop 8, 11 Oscar place, Eastgardens, 2036.
  • How is the parking?
    There are free street parking available. On Finch dr., Studio dr. and Tingwell bvd. However, it does get busy. Safe option would be to park at the Westfields Eastgardens (provide 3hrs free parking). Please allow yourself at least 10 min if parking at Westfields to comfortably get to the studio. Please see the map below to find your way. (Shop 8, 11 Oscar Place, Eastgardens).
  • What if I am late?
    Safety of our clients is our all-time main priority. Please understand that if you are more than 5 min late, we can not allow you to attend the class. Missing the warm up part, greatly increasing the chance of traumatic outcome :(
  • Do purchased classes expire?
    Trial class expires in one week! However, the packages of course last longer, but do have an expiry date. Please check prior, if it is suitable for your timetable.
  • Is there any restrictions in regards to the health, age or gender?
    Consult your doctor before booking with us if: - if the slightest physical pain worries you, - you had injuries and major operations, - in regards to the restrictions due to chronic diseases. We do not provide medical advice. There are no age restrictions. No Gender Restricted.
  • What to wear and have for training?
    Wear comfortable clothes. E.g. Leggings, sport top. Socks are a must on all our training grounds. Any physical activity is a stress for the body. Water will help to calm yourself down. Take a bigger bottle with you!
  • How many times a week should I book the classes?
    As your body feel! We recommend you sign up for 3 workouts a week to achieve great results already in the first month. We have designed our workouts to be not extremely strenuous that your body has time to recover and the program is as effective as possible.
  • What program is the most suitable for the beginner?
    Most of our programs are adapted for any age and fitness level so feel free to choose any convenient time. However, it is a good idea to book for: Full Body Stretch, Lower Body Stretch LIGHT or Healthy Spine LIGHT. So we can asist and advise further. Please see the timetable and do not postpone yourself any longer!
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