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Fitter & Healthier in 2023. We all need a PLAN!

Do you guys know most of our NY resolutions only lasts no more then 7 weeks (

Let's bring those resolutions further than March this time. We need a plan to become healthier and fitter you! Long term changes can be tough, but so rewarding at the end, so LET'S DO IT!

  1. Define WHY you need it. Yes! We all need a clear idea why we even need to become a healthier version of ourselves.

  2. Be realistic to stay consistent. Don't aim for 10k daily steps if you only on 3.5k atm. Bring it to 5k, then 6.... Do not define 5 training sessions a week, if you never done so. Start with 2. But stay consistent!

  3. Set those goals that you can measure. Exact cm, splits (right or left leg, parallel or...)), kg, dress sizes.

  4. List those benefits of getting fit. Yes! Keep it clear. That will define your why even stronger!

  5. List the consequences of what will happen if you will not add any extra fit habits this year. Yes it is important to list the negatives. To create a full picture - all the sides of the story will have to be covered.

  6. SCHEDULE your workouts!!!! Yes! Check our TIMETABLE. Think through your plan. And book those sessions in. Lock it in!!! Note those exercises in your diary around your other commitment.

  7. Please stop comparing yourself, your results, your workout. Do your best. Breathe! It can be hard in the group set out - but believe me, noone cares. Everyone is only worried about themselves. So do your best. And start that journey. Healthy motivation is a good thing. But do not turn it into some unrealistic goals. Work against your targets & objectives. Reduce the noise ;)

  8. Celebrate the perfect plan. Reward yourself when the plan has worked out for you. Do not underestimate the power of self love. All progress, no matter ho small, should be noted.

  9. Drink lots of water. Hydrate and love that body! Take your fave water bottle with you everywhere. And do not forget to sip through the day.

  10. Plan those meals to stay on the healthier track.

  11. Research the high energy foods. And implement it to your diet.

  12. Sleep sleep sleep. Good quality sleep 6-8hrs. So important for our recovery. Wind down before you go to bed. In order to achieve a deeper quality of sleep.

  13. Share your journey with a friend or relative who you know will support you. Perhaps take this journey together?

  14. STRETCH it out. Incorporate stretches to your daily routine. How else will we release that cluttered stress.

Here at Stretch Base we can not wait to see you and support your journey.

Good luck! Let's do this together.



Team Stretch Base

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