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SPLIT! Technique, Tips and Tricks

Longitudinal split. Lower Body stretch at Stretch Base studio.

Get lithe and limber limbs with this floor-based stretch class designed to improve muscle elasticity, prevent injury and develop strength. Choose Lower Body class today!

This class is also great for relieving emotional and physical stress with gentle relaxation techniques.

And if you’re keen, we’ll also teach you to do the splits! And to perform splits correctly - use our several tips. Once you learn how to safely execute the splits, the benefits are endless. The splits can increase hip mobility and flexibility, leading to improved functional mobility.

Tip #1 - Technique is the KING!

Since both the front splits and side splits require adequate flexibility and mobility in the lower body, it’s a good idea to take time and progress gradually.

Avoid bouncing, overstretching, or having someone push you further into the splits. This exercise is meant to be performed slow and in control. You should only stretch until you feel a good stretch, never pain.

Tip #2 - Routine

By incorporating split-style stretches into your overall workout routine, you not only prepare your body for attempting this move, but you also benefit from the added flexibility and range of motion exercises.

We begin with kneeling down and stretch your leg out in front of you. Use pillows underneath of the knee caps. It is very important to pay attention that the front surface of the thigh, when we go down, looks forward and down and does not turn to the side.

"Comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there." – CEO Stretch Base )

Tip #3 - 4 dots

In gymnastics, they usually use the terms of 4 dots. Why four dots - square. Our two hips and our two shoulders always remain at the same level in a square.

Tip #4 - Sliding game

Ideally, place one knee on the mat. And the second leg in front to slide. One foot must slide. The other one should be fixed. So you can avoid breaking the 4 dots rule and open the hips when sliding down to your longitudal split.

Tip #5 - Blocks HELP

Use blocks when stretching your split. Place it under your hands. Blocks are stable and allow you to rise higher. In order to transfer the weight of the body between the right and left legs evenly, we need these blocks.

Base SPLIT level

When you nice and close to the floor, feel both of your legs. Feeling like the back leg experience less tension then the front one - use the blocks realign your body weight!

Book our LOWER BODY class today, and start your split experience with us.

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